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Corrugated Cartons

Over 100 sizes of corrugated cartons in stock

Hundreds of businesses and walk-in customers rely on us for our huge inventory of corrugated cartons, often referred to as the common “cardboard box.”  We stock over 100 sizes of cartons in our Fort Washington warehouse to guarantee delivery of what you need, when you need it.  Local businesses depend on our consistency, product knowledge, and unsurpassed customer service to supply their operations with cartons that serve a multitude of purposes. Many of our customers are local businesses and moving companies that receive regular deliveries. We also supply corrugated boxes for business moves, as well as to individuals or groups in the process of relocating. Deliveries are done by our drivers using Springfield Paper Specialties trucks. When you order from us, you know you’re getting exactly what you ordered on-time.

We also welcome individuals in need of boxes for moving, storage, or whatever the reason. Not sure exactly what you may need? Give us a call or stop on over. We are always happy to help a neighbor!

List of Cartons, Containers & Mailers Available for Delivery

See below, or download our PDF.

List of Stocked Cartons

Corrugated Cartons vs. Cardboard Boxes

Corrugated Carton

Chances are, the last time you saw a Corrugated Carton, you identified it as a Cardboard Box. This is a common misconception.

Corrugated or “pleated” material is a lightweight, paper-based, three layer material constructed of two outer layers sandwiching a fluting material. In a lot of cases, the fluting material appears to be in zig-zag form, as seen below:

Corrugated box, commonly used for shipping

Example of a corrugated box

This design was engineered to strong and ideal for use in shipping and packaging as well as many other consumer applications. Most moving boxes and nearly all industrial shipping containers are not made of cardboard, but instead are corrugated cartons, to use the official term. A common example of the difference would be to compare a pizza box with what most 12-packs of soda or beer are packaged in. Pizza boxes tend to be corrugated so they retain form, resist moisture and insulate heat, whereas packaging for small amounts of cans can be safely transported using just cardboard.

When shipping goods via truck or the mailing service, you always want to use a corrugated box. They’ll hold up much better and provide a layer of protection from minor bumps and bruises that could otherwise damage the contents.

Cardboard or “paperboard” is also paper-based, but is a heavy duty pressed material used in the manufacturing of cereal boxes, or protective floor covering.