Corrugated Cartons

Over 100 sizes of corrugated cartons in stock


Hundreds of businesses and walk-in customers rely on us for our huge inventory of corrugated cartons, often referred to as the common “Cardboard Box.”  We stock over 100 sizes of cartons to guarantee the needs of our valued customers are met with ease and satisfaction.  Local businesses depend our consistency and unsurpassed customer service to supply their operations with the cartons to serve a multitude of purposes.  We also welcome individuals in need of boxes for moving, storage, or whatever the reason, to give us a call or stop on over. We are always happy to help a neighbor!


Cardboard vs. Corrugated Cartons


Chances are, the last time you saw a Corrugated Carton, you identified it as a Cardboard Box. This is a common misconception.

Corrugated or “pleated” material is a lightweight, paper based, three layer material constructed of two outer layers sandwiching a fluting material. This design was engineered to strong and ideal for use in shipping and packaging as well as many other consumer applications.

Cardboard or “paperboard” is also paper based, but is a heavy duty pressed material used in the manufacturing of cereal boxes, or protective floor covering.